A Morning with Fred McCrary !

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Naples grad, former NFL Fred McCrary


I’ve spent a few hours with Fred McCray. I wanted to learn more about his foundation.

So we started off so funny. Our first minutes together we went to sports authority… that was funny. I felt like I’ve known this guy for way more then those 5 minutes. We went to eat lunch, we talked a lot and learned so much about each other and about his foundation. He loves it and has so much passion about it.

I invited Fred to join me for WOD at Cross fit Redline. He dropped me off at the gym on Tuesday but he couldn’t make it to the workout. He planned on going see his mom, but he promised he will go Wednesday morning.

Well 5:15AM I got phone call – get up Batya were going for WOD!!

It was the first time for me in the AM at Victors Class – Mornings are so quiet and relaxing out, it’s amazing!

Walking into the gym Victor was so sweet and welcoming! Fred and I went over the workout and started warm up then went for 200-yard run. I was so far behind I said, “this guy is as fast as a jet!!”

Back in the gym I’m started setting up my workout spot (station). Victor helped Fred setup his and explained to him one on one about the workout (WOD). Fred was very impress by Victor.

The whole workout Fred kept saying, “man!! This is good stuff” and how happy he was to be there – that made me happy because I didn’t think an NFL former would be so impressed. I found that so cool. At the end he said “ I WANT TO COME BACK I LOVED THAT ” and I smiled …

Right after workout we took turns to see the Naples Pier and here is Big Fred, just like little boy, talking to all of the elder who were fishing early in the morning. He was so friendly and he liked to explore all the fish. He was running around pointing out fish just like little boy and I just looked at him and smiled. You could see this big man with a bigger heart- so friendly and lovely – people recognized him and were so happy to see him. I felt like I was with a celeb!

We enjoy 30 minutes at the pier and then we took a ride to see the place where he grew up. He called it “The Hood”

He showed me the little unit where he was raised and even showed me the basketball hoop he hit a zillion times (he said). Then the lake where he would go fishing, swimming and even his grandma’s unit. What a life story this guy has, such an interesting person. We walked at the community park by the community and he remembered all the trees and the way the park use to be before. He could describe every little corner and was so proud of how he had nothing but so much at the time.

Then we went to eat breakfast at his favorite place in golden gate called, Nana’s Diner, great food! I’ve never heard about this place before, but Fred as a Naples man knows it all!

Fred never stopped talking about his foundation and the passion he has to help others. Fred is such a giver!

On way home Fred says to me, “Batya! You see how I raised? Out of all those people I grew up with GOD choose me and I choose to give back. That’s why I have this foundation 44ways so I can help others!” He says, “ I thank God for all of these opportunities and I feel blessed.

I almost cried listening to him say that! He was so sincere and I believed every word he was saying.

This was a very interesting morning with Fred and I can’t wait until the next time I see him and learn more about him, his foundation and become part of this foundation as a social media consultant.

Thank you Fred for an amazing and quality morning!!

Batya Maman

If you want to learn more about Fred McCrary:





Seattle Seahawks

2007 – 2007

Atlanta falcons

2004 – 2006

New England patriots

2003 – 2004

San Diego chargers

1999 – 2002

New Orleans saints

1997 – 1998


1995 – 1996

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