The Yellow Brick Road

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 I already know which way to go. I may not take the most direct route, but I am absolutely getting closer to where I want to be.

take One yellow brick at a time. One..yellow..brick…at…a…time. As long as you are on the yellow brick road, why not be courageous and take a small step forward to the next yellow brick? You will lose nothing, and instead gain so much! With each step forward, it is a step filled with hope of one day seeing what you have been believing for-come true! Don’t stop stepping!

Choose your friends wisely and join yourself with other dreamers.

The fight is the strongest right before your dream comes true! 

Surround yourself with other dreamers.

Be aware of distractions.

Apply disciplines and know that the sacrifices are worth it, and they are only for a season. 

Never forget there is an enemy that would love for you to give up on your dream (DON’T DO IT!),

and remember, when the fight to keep your dream alive gets the most intense-you are right around the corner from seeing your dream come true!

Maintain focus, stay on this road, keep the vision of your dream alive,

Dont forget Every good story has a superhero and villain.

Good Day …


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