FIDF Frontline Operation

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FIDF Vows to Continue to Support Israel’s Brave Soldiers at this Fateful Time

In response to the endless rocket-fire that has been raining down on Israel’s civilians, a joint operation of the IDF and the Israeli Security Agency brought about the targeted killing of the head of Hamas’ military wing. Simultaneously, the IDF has launched Operation Pillar of Defense and mobilized its troops across the country.

The brave soldiers of the IDF are always able and ready to carry out the mission of defending the Jewish homeland. We are in constant communication with the IDF, and are responding directly to their needs. As of now, they have requested that the troops on the ground receive toiletry kitssnack packages, and field towelettes for basic hygiene.

Our soldiers are facing difficult and strenuous times, and their wellbeing needs will continue to grow as this operation continues.

To stand by our soldiers and help, donate any of the following items: 

– Snack packages: $18
– Toiletry kits: $36
– Field towelettes for basic hygiene (a package of 10): $50

To learn more about the situation in Israel and follow the IDF Spokesperson’s announcements, please click here.

To support the soldiers today, 
please click here.



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