Good Deeds You Can Do Today – Earth Day April 2014

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I’m a big believer in doing good deeds. I’m a naturally compassionate person, and I believe that every negative experience in life can result in something positive. I also believe, what goes around, comes around. One good turn deserves another, and if more people would do good deeds on a regular basis, this trend would keeping on going. A chain reaction of good deeds would happen, and people would be kinder, more patient, more understanding, and more tolerant of others who share earth together .


Many of the following good deeds are really nothing more than examples of good manners, sometimes we all need reminders. Instead of focusing on the negative things in life and our own personal problems, focus on what you can do for others while you doing for yourself, and do good deeds as often as possible. The good deeds you do for others will come back to you in many ways.


The following 10 good deeds, are easy ways to do nice things for animals as well as people, and you can begin today.

1. If you read an article you find helpful, take the time to leave a positive comment and share with others.

2. If you have books you no longer want or need? Don’t just throw them away. Do good deeds by giving those books to your local library or elder care facility.

3.  You have pocket full of pennies? Give your pennies  to your chosen Charity, they know how to use it .  Those who are generous and do good deeds will be rewarded in many ways.

4. Elderly people who live alone can become lonely  –  Call an elderly friend or loved one, and let them know you are thinking of them. You could find yourself alone someday and wishing for someone to talk to.

5. Take into consideration the abundance of food available to you and your family. Donate a bag of dog or cat food  to your local animal shelter, and donate food to your local food pantry to help people who might otherwise not have enough.

6. Instead of rating down articles you don’t like for whatever reason, rate up the articles you appreciate. Give someone a five-star rating on an article today. High ratings are catching!

7. Hold the door when entering a building, but as the old saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right. Hold the door for someone else, and let them go ahead. Just because someone else isn’t polite doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be.

8. If you have clothing and household items you no longer want or need, don’t just throw them away or turn them into rags. Do good deeds by donating gently used clothing and other usable goods to the charity of your choice.

9. Our throwaway society is being overrun with trash, and we’re well on our way to burying ourselves in rubbish. Recycle instead of throwing everything away. Do your part to prevent waste, and help keep our world clean. Good deeds that help future generations are some of the most important of all.

10. The toll booth worker wasn’t used to people being polite. Tell people working in toll booths thank you, and have a good day. You might just make their day a little more pleasant with good deeds that are really simple acts of kindness.

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These are just few of the many good deeds you can do to help make our world a better place to live. Our world is filled with too much hate, and hate multiplies like a deadly virus. Any simple act of kindness will create effect that will make a definite difference. The positive can overtake the negative, and doing good deeds are the best ways to start.

And Remember! No one has ever become poor by giving!



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