The Great American Coastline by Gareth Rockliffe

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I definitely appreciate what a talented photographer my friend Gareth Rockliffe is… You’ll definitely want to have a look at his work.  #NaplesFL #Photographer #GarethRockliffe
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A photographic quest to capture the soulful beauty, diversity and majesty of America’s coastline, beginning with the Pacific Coast.

For more than two decades I’ve dedicated my ‘eye’ to capturing the unique and the beautiful – the old and the new. With what has been a five year plan, my goal with this project is to spend time exploring, photographing, and capturing as much of the American coastline as possible, becoming completely absorbed in what lies before my lens. These photographs, which some people refer to as “Soulscapes,” will be shared with you through Limited Edition Fine Art wall prints, an awe-inspiring hardcover coffee table book, and my trademarked Videàge®, a technique for choreographing my best still images with audio and video, in a series of DVDs which will bring even broader meaning to the amazing visual imagery.

I believe that through your support of this project, the daily sharing of the work via social media, and the exhibitions and publications that will follow, there will be an increased awareness of the majesty of our magnificent coastline, and with this heightened awareness will come a stronger commitment to preserve it. This spectacular coastline is a precious gift, not only for this generation, but for all generations to come.

Because of the scope of the project, I will complete it over three years and divide it into three photographic quests – Pacific Coast, Atlantic Coast, and Gulf Coast. This Kickstarter campaign will fund the Pacific Coast Project, beginning in San Diego and extending to the Canadian border.

Jan Soderquist, my wife and fellow photographer, will document the project as it unfolds through video and stills, and make regular posts on our blog and Facebook page.

I will set out in June of 2014 on this extraordinary project with Jan and our little Havanese, Lily. We will make the four-month journey in our vintage Airstream trailer, which provides maximum accessibility to the coastline and keeps us one with nature.

Upon our return, and in time for your holiday gift giving, I will design and print the Limited Edition Fine Art wall prints, and the Special Edition hardcover coffee table book which will be an amazing selection of the very best images. I will also produce my trademarked Videàge® in the single DVD called The Pacific Coast, as well as the complete set of (4) DVDs called The Pacific Coastline Collection.

I am so excited about putting what has been a long time dream into action. I know that it will culminate in my best work to date. Jan and I hope you will join us on this journey and follow us on Facebook. We’d love to take you along!

Here is an example of the quality of my video work:

Here are some examples of my published work:

Necker Island Flora and Fauna Slideshow:

Portfolio Magazine February 2014 :

Life In Naples March 2014 :

Portfolio Magazine February 2013 :

Portfolio Magazine December 2011 :

Kuril Islands, Japan
Kuril Islands, Japan
Lovers Key, FL
Lovers Key, FL
Naples, FL
Naples, FL
Naples, FL
Naples, FL
Dead Lakes,FL
Dead Lakes,FL

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

I see no risks with this project. If you like my work then what I produce on this trip will be in keeping with the best of my current portfolio. In the unlikely event of some unexpected situation occurring beyond my control resulting in my not being able to complete the journey and/or project, all of my existing work will be available to our contributors, thus fulfilling any project obligations.


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