Sue Huff and Batya Maman were guest speakers at MicroEnterprise Institute

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Sue Huff and Batya Maman were guest speakers at MicroEnterprise Institute

Sue Huff of E. Sue Huff & Associates Marketing and Management Consulting was the marketing guest speaker for MicroEnterprise Institute of Goodwill SWFL. Huff spoke to the Business Jump Start Class on July 10 on the subject of building a marketing plan with well thought out tactics and targets, and how to choose and utilize the right marketing tools for a particular business. Huff is a local marketing and management consultant with over 30 years of experience in working with small businesses and non-profit agencies. She is a co-founder of the annual “Thinking outside the box” seminar for non-profits and has been a community volunteer and speaker for many years. Batya Maman, founder of Social Connect LLC, spoke to the class on July 17 on the topic of Social Media Marketing. She gave easy and manageable tips on how business owners can use social media to grow their brand and revenues. Maman is known as a social media expert who helps her clients understand the power of internet and social media sites. With a background in computer technology and teaching, Maman aims to make her clients and audiences feel accomplished and empowered when entering the social media world. For more information about Huff or Maman: visit and

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