Social media can be time consuming if you don’t know how to manage it properly. If you would like to have a professional handle your business’s social media marketing in a effective and efficient manner, without losing time or adding a new employee – Contact Batya today!

My name is Batya Sabag and I’m Social Media Consultant.

My goal is to help businesses with their social media marketing campaigns and to create lead generation avenues for my clients. I teach and/or manage social media behavior and infrastructure for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

My mission is simple: connect business clients with real people. I am originally from Israel and I’m a self-made entrepreneur; I know the importance of connecting with the right people. I’ve made a science out of creating a living bridge between what clients do and the people that follow them and use their products. Communicating across social media lines to attract and engage more and more followers for my clients isn’t easy but with my knowledge and history, I’ve seen followers ramp quickly in numerous occasions.

Batya’s Specialties: Social Media Virtual Assistant to Online Business Owners. The social media liaison you’re looking for is here at Be Social Worldwide.

I can handle your social media marketing for your business so you have time to focus on running your business.

General Information

  • Using social media to build brand awareness is the number one goal of most social media marketers today.
  • Hundreds of millions of people are talking, learning and engaging through social media channels. If your company doesn’t have a presence in the social media arena, your company is missing what’s become fundamental for business growth.
  • Communication channel through social media needs to be part of every businesses marketing mix.

Brand awareness is one of the most important core organizational goals for companies that want so grow. Social media has quickly become one the best ways to reach large audience quickly and cost effectively.

People are hungry for information and conversation. And most people now use the internet to find the services and products they need, why not be in front of your competition by having strong social media and brand awareness? For professional communicators, having social media campaigns as a marketing tool in their arsenal for building brand awareness is no longer a ‘nice to have’ — it’s a ‘must have’ if you want to stay current with marketing tactics that can help your businesses bottomline.


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