Social Connect

  The Things That Connect Us

The buzz around social media is loud, but you want to understand the paths to success before you jump in to avoid mistakes. Using social media tools and networks is about people connecting, interacting, and sharing online. Hardly a day goes by without hearing about remarkable success stories from businesses getting active on social media sites like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that everyone is talking about social media strategy. At  ” your ”  Social Connect LLC, we build strong and integrated strategies for our clients, but most importantly, we help our clients take action on those strategies by implementing tactics that connect their brands with the social media buzz. We lead social marketing campaigns connecting passionate consumers with global corporations, restaurants, films, consultants, retail stores, non-profits, causes and local businesses. When you think of social media marketing, Social Connect has it.

93 Dollar Club

But more than that, Batya takes social media marketing hype and makes it both manageable and understandable.  Incorporating social marketing into natural business campaigns and promotional activities, Batya builds engaged audiences. Batya works with expert Social connecting the offline to the online, from web developers to graphic designers to SEO and traditional public relations and marketing professionals.  With the help of these professionals, Batya designs cutting-edge campaigns that understand what drives online audience participation. LIKE CAN NEVER REPLACE LOVE. The world’s greatest brands aren’t built on clicks, they’re built on meaningful relationships with real people. Vitrue’s Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform gives brands the solutions they need to manage smarter social marketing programs. Whether local or global, our platform strengthens your brand by helping you engage perspective clients across multiple social networks.

I’m a social media consultant and work with people to help them learn how to get the most out of the  Internet.



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